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Quick reminder, you will now be connected to your OctoPrint portal and the entire webpage you will see is your portal.

If asked to login, you will be logging into your OctoPrint web portal. Make sure to use your OctoPrint login credentials not your OctoEverywhere credentials.
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How fast is fast?
Fast. Super Fast. Plaid Fast. OctoEverywhere is built on an extremely fast and reliable hosting provider with servers around the world. Our system intelligently and instantly connects you and your printer to the closest server for you. The end result? Your OctoPrint web portal will look and feel just like it does when you access it from home. Don’t believe us? Give it a try.
I'm worried about security, how secure is this?
We take security very seriously. Unlike other OctoPrint remote access solutions, OctoEverywhere does not expose your OctoPrint instance to the public internet at all. OctoEverywhere is also extremely easy to setup; all you need to do is install a OctoPrint plugin.

Your printer connects to our worldwide network of servers over a secure TLS HTTPS connection. (This is the same security encryption used by your banking website.) Your access to is secured using the same security, thus your entire end-to-end access tunnel is encrypted and secure. Your printer is only accessible when logged into your OctoEverywhere account, and your accounts can be secured with a strong password and even support 2 factor authentication.
I have a question that's not answered here...
We are building OctoEverywhere for you, so we would love to hear from you! We are happy to answer questions, take suggestions, help you fix bugs, or even hear what you had for breakfast. Just tap the green help button in the bottom right of this to send us a message.