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What People Are Saying
This is an amazing plugin that allows me to have ease of mind when I'm away from my printer. I can do extended prints at home while I'm at work without worry.
Stanford - Trustpilot
Man this service is so simple to setup!!! Honestly, I love it so much and it just works. That is the best part about it!
Wilbert Martinez - Trustpilot
I've been using OctoEverywhere since pretty much the beginning and it's always been fantastic. There's nothing out there that does what it does so seamlessly and the guy who runs it is very responsive and professional. Very happy with it.
DrAwkwArD - YouTube
Read about the security update on the launch page. Very concise and gives me faith enough to continue using the service.
Israel Santos - Trustpilot
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Free? How's that possible?
We made OctoEverywhere for you. OctoEverywhere’s primary mission is to empower all makers around the world to create better. We want to make this tool as powerful and as accessible as possible for everyone. Our standard accounts allow full and unlimited access to your OctoPrint portal from anywhere. You can use all your favorite plugins, view your webcam in full resolution and full frame rate, and even transfer files. Anything you need to print like a master should be possible with only a standard account.
OctoEverywhere is supported by our community. Due to the nature of this service, we have many expenses such as servers, bandwidth usage, databases, etc. Users may optionally choose to support the project by upgrading their account to the supporter role. Supporter accounts get extra perks; things like 3rd party app support and bandwidth higher limitations. Standard accounts have a few limits to strike a balance between our standard account costs and the community support we receive. As the amount of community support for the project increases, so will the limits on the standard accounts.
OctoEverywhere will never misuse or sell access to your printer or any of your personal data.
How fast is fast?
Fast. Super Fast. Plaid Fast. OctoEverywhere is built on an extremely fast and reliable hosting provider with servers around the world. Our system intelligently and instantly connects you and your printer to the closest server for you. The end result? Your OctoPrint web portal will look and feel just like it does when you access it from home.
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I'm worried about security, how secure is this?
We take security very seriously. Unlike other OctoPrint remote access solutions, OctoEverywhere does not expose your OctoPrint instance to the public internet at all. OctoEverywhere is also extremely easy to setup; all you need to do is install a OctoPrint plugin.
Your printer connects to our worldwide network of servers over a secure TLS HTTPS connection. (This is the same security encryption used by your banking website.) Your access to OctoEverywhere.com is secured using the same security, thus your entire end-to-end access tunnel is encrypted and secure. Your printer is only accessible when logged into your OctoEverywhere account, and your accounts can be secured with a strong password and even support 2 factor authentication.
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