What's a Shared Connection?
Glad you asked! Shared connections allow you to share your printer with anyone or any 3rd party OctoPrint app. Let your friends watch alongside you as you attempt a 20-hour print, or use shared connections to power any 3rd party OctoPrint app for monitoring anywhere!
And of course, security and safety are under your control.
Share Links With Friends
Sending a shared connection link to friends allows them access to your OctoPrint instance! But remember, since OctoPrint has its own account and permissions system, you will need to make a OctoPrint account on your printer for them as well.
See this OctoPrint resource for more details on creating accounts.
3rd Party App Connections
There are many amazing 3rd party OctoPrint apps that provide a clean and powerful interface to your printer on your mobile device. App Connections empower those apps to access your printer from anywhere!
Click here for app suggestions and detailed setup guides.
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Shared connections are resource intensive on our services.
So for now, we ask you be a project supporter to get access.
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Keep in mind that anyone who has access to your shared connections can access your printer at any time.
Share them only with people and apps you trust.
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