#1 - Find Your Seat

👋 Welcome aboard!

Safety is our top priority. To get started, login or create a free account so only you can securely access your printer.

#2 - Prepare For Launch

Stellar! Next, for us to connect to your printer, you need to install the OctoEverywhere plugin on your OctoPrint instance.

Show Me How or Follow This:

  • Go to your OctoPrint web portal
  • Open the OctoPrint settings
  • Select "Plugin Manager"
  • Click the "Get More" button
  • Search for "OctoEverywhere"
  • Select "Install" button
  • Let OctoPrint restart to finish the install

After OctoPrint Restarts:

  • Go to your OctoPrint web portal
  • Open Settings
  • Select "OctoEverywhere!"
  • Click the big blue button!

The big blue button will bring you back here to do the last step. See you in a flash!

#3 - Engine Ignition

Astronomical work!

Last step, give your printer a name. The name can only contain letters, numbers, -, and _

Don't worry, you can change the name later. The name you choose will be how you access your OctoPrint portal from any web browser.

Your Web Access Link Will Be:


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#4 - Blast Off!

🚀 We're off! Setup complete!

You can now access your printer from the OctoEverwhere.com homepage anytime, anywhere!

Two Quick Tips:

  • You can use your favorite 3rd party OctoPrint apps with OctoEverywhere! Follow the "Setup App" button on the homepage.
  • For mobile web access, we recommend the TouchUi plugin which makes the OctoPrint interface much easier to use on mobile.

Welcome to the OctoEverywhere community – enjoy!