OctoEverywhere Works With Your Favorite OctoPrint Apps
OctoEverywhere’s secure and powerful remote access technology doesn’t stop at just the OctoPrtint web portal. OctoEverywhere can also empower your favorite OctoPrint apps to work everywhere!
Any App, Anywhere.
There are many great OctoPrint apps for all platforms, including tablets, iOS, and Android. We have easy to follow setup guides for your favorite OctoPrint apps - or we are happy to recommended apps we love.
Who Are You?
You need to login or create an account to securely allow apps access to your printer.
Supporter Perks Required
3rd party app support is resource intensive on our services.
So for now, we ask you be a project supporter to get access.
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Let's Setup An App!
We recommend you load this page on the device with the app, so you can copy and paste the values you need.
No Printers Found On This Account
You need to setup a printer with OctoEverywhere before you can remotely access it with an app.
It only takes a few minutes, do it now!
Printer Setup
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First, Create a Shared Connection
Shared connections allow external access to your printer. We will create a unique shared connection for the app you want to setup, so you have full control over it's permissions. You can manage this shared connection at anytime on your Shared Connections page.

Great! Now Setup The App!
You can use the shared connection link in any OctoPrint app to setup remote access for your printer.
Typically, you want to use the entire shared connection link when the app asks for the server IP address or URL.
App Setup Guides
Very Coming Soon!