Community contributions fuel our rocket.
When I started OctoEverywhere I wanted to make a service that was accessible to everyone - no matter if they could pay or not. But the fundamental design of the project requires servers to run, which cost money.
We greatly appreciate any contribution you can make to the project.
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Support Options
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$2.99 / month
$3.99 / month
$5.99 / month
$9.99 / month
We Appreciate Your Continuing Support.
Modify or Cancel Your Support
Oh no! It looks like your payment failed!
Update your payment details and in a day or so we will use it to continue your support.
After 3 days of failed payments your supporter role will be removed. You are free to restart your support at anytime!
Fix or Cancel Your Support
Supporter accounts get unthrottled access to OctoPrint in all browsers and apps.
Longer Webcam Streams
Supporters get a 2 minute webcam streaming limit rather than the 20 second limit for free accounts.
OctoPrint App Support
OctoEverywhere powers your favorite 3rd party OctoPrint apps to work remotely anywhere!
More details here
Shared Connections
Share safe and secure remote access to your printers with anyone.
More details here
Large File Uploads and Downloads
Supporter accounts have a max upload/download file size limit of 300mb compared to 20mb for free accounts.